Bookcentric presents Women and Books & Children's Storytelling (March 9th, 2018)

Bookcentric, in collaboration with Gourmet Bazar Banani, organised an event that allowed people of all ages to spend a day amongst books. 
At this event, Bookcentric tried to create a sanctuary in the form of a library where both adults and children came and revelled in the magic of reading. We had books, old and new, of various genres and we attempted to satisfy even the most eclectic readers. 
Bookcentric and Gourmet Bazar Banani endeavoured to rekindle the joy of a library and let the children of Dhaka experience the magic of it. 
LIBRARY DAY -- All day from 10 am till 8 pm.
CHILDREN'S STORYTELLING -- We had 3 sessions planned from 3pm - 6pm. Children across all ages were told stories of women who have had a huge impact on the world, over the years, starting from Freida Kahlo to Sayeeda Khanam.
DISCUSSION FOR ADULTS -- Many people joined us in discussing the impact of women through books, from 6.30 pm - 8 pm.